Resedential Campus – Jaipur

Residential Campus – Jaipur

The concept of these hostels is to keep it low rise, dense and organic, to take advantage of the environmental benefits of local vernacular architecture.

Several irradiation mapping and wind analysis studies were undertaken to ensure all the courtyards and alleyways were shaded to a great extent so that they can act as ‘cool air ponds’. Importance was given to comfort at pedestrian level by ensuring cool shaded courtyards, corridors and alleyways with slight breezes.

Wind analysis helped in creating a network of enclosed courtyards with carefully located corridors that will allow for cool breezes to flow through in mid season and winters while keeping the harsh hot summer winds out.

Different shading devices were designed for different levels and orientations that helped in adding interest to the facades

Manipal University Hostels (Jaipur) – Designed by Architect Hafeez Contractor (Mumbai) Terra Viridis (Hyderabad) are the environmental consultants.

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