Orphanage & Womans Help Centre – Kadapa

Orphange / Help Centre for Aarti Home

Aarti Village is the new campus for Vijay Foundation Trust, an NGO based in Kadapa working towards the eradication Girl Child Abandonment, female foeticide and Infanticide for the past 20 years.

To accommodate their ever expanding activity base, the government of Andhra Pradesh gave them 2.5 acres of land in Kadapa. Aarti Village is designed to accommodate an orphanage for 100 children based on the SOS concept of Housemothers and cottages for every 15 children.

It also accommodates a Women’s short stay home for about 100 women, a Women’s support centre, a fair trade self-help unit, multipurpose halls, director’s accommodation, a small medical unit, volunteer’s accommodation etc.

The village is completely naturally ventilated with minimal requirement for air conditioning and artificial lighting. The reed bed water recycling system and rainwater collection system will take care of more 50% of the campus’s fresh water requirement. Onsite organic waste composting using deep burrow earth worms will provide a safe way to recycle organic waste and highly nutritive compost for landscaping.

The present near barren land will have local native trees and shrubs that will attract the local fauna. All building materials will be sourced locally and where ever possible recycled material will be used

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