Manipal International University – Kuala Lumpar

Manipal International University – Kuala Lumpur

Why Manipal University is Building Green ?

Manipal University believes universities have an accountability to the future. A special responsibility to address challenges as large as climate change by imparting sustainable values to the decision makers of tomorrow.

Building green demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and gives us enormous peace of mind in knowing that the structures we are building are better for the environment, are healthier for the occupants and save money over the long term.

Environmental Benefits

Our buildings are designed to use energy and water in a significantly, more measurable, efficient way than conventionally designed buildings.
Our buildings also reduce their waste streams during construction

Student & Teacher Benefits

Our Malaysian campus is being designed with strategies and technologies that aim to improve the quality of indoor air, which could lead to improved student health, test scores and faculty retention.
The new school of engineering has better lighting, temperature control, improved ventilation and better indoor air quality then a conventionally designed building
We want to develop environmental consciousness among staff and students alike.

Financial Benefits

Cost savings are most likely to be fully realized when incorporated at the project’s conceptual design phase with the assistance of an integrated team of building professionals. The integrated systems approach aims to design the building as one system rather than a collection of potentially disconnected systems

The campus is being developed in phases over five years, with a student capacity of over 20,000 once it is completed. School of Engineering is now open for admissions.

Client: Manipal Global Education Services. – (Bangalore)
Architect: Atsa Architects Sdn Bhd – (Kuala Lumpur)
Green Building Consultants: Terra Viridis – (Hyderabad)
Image courtesy of Atsa Architects Sdn Bhd – (Kuala Lumpur)

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