Infosys SDB4 – Hyderabad

green building

Infosys SDB 4 Hyderabad

Minimal solar gains, zero glare, optimally insulated envelope, very efficient daylight controlled lighting, efficient systems etc helped in reducing heat gains in the building.

This coupled with radiant slabs and very efficient chillers make this building 60% more efficient then a conventionally designed similar building. The client did not spend any extra on his construction costs. Extra expenditure in certain areas were recouped by savings through optimized design in other areas

Building is N and S facing with a relatively low window to wall ratio of 35% and the glazing is fully shaded from the outside from 9am to 4pm.

It seems like full glazing from the outside but a large portion up til the sill level is o pacified and insulated glass. Additionally, high performance specially selective glazing has been used.

Client: Infosys
Architect: Sundaram Architects ( Bangalore)
Green Building Consultants: Terra Viridis (Hyderabad)
Picture Courtesy of Sundaram Architects (Bangalore)

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