Infosys Masterplan Phase 2 – Hyderabad

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Infosys Initial Campus Masterplan Phase 2 Hyderabad

Phase 2 of the Infosys campus at Pocharam (Hyderabad) is planned to accommodate 11000 employees and will include food courts, sports facilities, leisure facilities and office accommodation.

Terra Viridis has been involved right from the conceptual design stage in developing a scheme that would maximise natural ventilation where ever possible while optimising day lighting and minimising glare.

Irradiation studies and wind flow analysis were undertaken at the master-planning stage to rationalise the form and orientation of the building blocks. We wanted to ensure adequate levels of wind-flow at pedestrian levels thus avoiding wind tunnels and still air zones and to facilitate for proper integration of passive design strategies such as night cooling, fresh air courts etc.

The next stage of design will include detailed design of each of the 10 blocks through extensive daylight modelling and dynamic thermal modelling. Our aim is to exceed the environmental design benchmarks set by Infosys. Maximise energy savings while ensuring high levels of thermal and visual comfort for the occupants

The main aim of the project is to introduce natural ventilation through a large part of the building and to ensure that it remains comfortable through most of the year without the use of air conditioning. This is being done through extensive dynamic thermal modeling for natural ventilation, mixed mode ventilation and air conditioning. Low energy cooling strategies such as direct and indirect evaporative cooling and cooling though extensive use of vegetation is also being analyzed

Client: Infosys

Built-up area: 1.35 million Sq.Ft.

Architect: Sundaram Architects, Bangalore

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