Environmental Building Initiative for Hyderabad

Environmental Building Initiative for Hyderabad (India)

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has taken this initiative to draw a vision for a sustainable Hyderabad. The existing system of guidelines and building regulations were prepared with a piecemeal approach and a strong need was felt to improve the building guidelines in an integrated manner, in pace with the best international practices.

The broad vision behind this initiative is to develop guidelines and regulations for environmental sustainable building design, construction and operation; to promote and integrate sustainable practices and facilitate in providing an affordable and higher quality environment for the residents.

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Assess present and future environmental issues in the building industry with a focus on urban development in the city
Provide an affordable and higher quality environment for its habitants
Promote and integrate sustainable building practices as it benefits both current and future generations
Formulate guidelines and regulations in building design, construction and operation for a balanced and sustainable built environment
Facilitate integration of the community in sustainable development of Hyderabad
Educate people in removing the false notion that environmental building design equates to higher building costs
Create awareness among public utility agencies, building professionals and users to introduce sustainable planning and design features in their buildings and site planning

Client : Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

Consultants : Terra Viridis (Hyderabad) & TERI ( New Delhi)

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