Sustainable Building Design and Masterplanning

•    Passive solar design
•    Site planning to mimimise environmental impact
•    Form and orientation to correspond to Micro-Climate
•    Devising Environmental Strategies for the built form to integrate
•    Natural ventilation and mixed mode ventilation strategies
•    Minimisng cooling and heating loads
•    Maximum usable daylight with minimal glare
•    Building envelope design optimisation
•    Cooling loads and Lighting loads optimisation
•    Water Efficiency
•    SUDS design support
•    Ecological and geological conservation
•    Alternative Building Materials
•    Noise and air pollution control strategies

Building Performance Analysis with Advanced Computer Simulations

• Masterplanning analysis
• Site and micro climate analysis for Urban Heat Island Effect
• Daylight access assessment on site
• Irraditation studies / Windflow studies
• Building design analysis
• Solar Shading calculations
• Dynamic thermal Simulations for A/C, Non A/C and Mixed mode buildings
• Natural/Mixed mode ventilation design analysis / Thermal Comfort Predictions
• Cooling energy demand assessment and optimisation/ HVAC systems modelling
• Daylight Analysis / Glare Analysis / Artificial lighting Simulations
• Artificial lighting design loads and optimisation

Green Building Certifications – LEED / GRIHA

• Pre-assessment
• Training design teams certification requirements
• Individual advice to consultants of design team on
on specific design requirements at various design and construction stages and on what submittals required
• Facilitation and Documentation

BIM Integrated MEP Design

• Low energy cooling solutions
• High efficiency HVAC system design
• Identification of appropriate systems
• Sizing and optimization of systems
• Control and monitoring protocols,
• BMS design
• HT & LT, MV & LV Power
• Life Safety and Security
• High Performance Illumination

Performance Engineering

• Energy Audits
• Baseline studies
• Energy retrofits / Measurement & Verification
• Whole Building Commissioning
• Post-occupancy studies

Training and Development

We are also associated with several institutions as resource persons and advisors such as GRIHA, CEPT Ahmedabad,NITI Ayaog, SPA Vijayawada, HMDA, RCEUS, NICMAR, etc. We provide training for building professionals on
• Solar passive design and master planning
• Design optimisation
• High performance system design
• Sustainable Water and Waste management
• Sustainable solid waste management
• Pollution control during and post construction
• GRIHA & LEED Certification

Policy Research and Implementation Strategies

• To make environmental, social and economic sustainability an integral part of planning.
• To promote environmental building design concepts.
• To promote environmental conservation at all levels of society.
• Research and Development.
• Environmental policies and guidelines related to buildings, neighborhoods and human settlements
• Initiatives to promote sustainable development
• Strategize methods and road maps for implementation policies and guidelines
• Implement mandated trainings, awareness generation programs, capacity building
• Monitor effectiveness of existing implementation methods of government policies