Green Buildings Do Not Cost More To Construct

Our Focus is Green Value Engineering to reduce CapEx and minimise OpEx

Our Design Methodology

1 Step 1: Reduce demand through Passive Design
Step 2: Optimise Systems design and maximize efficiency
Step 3: Integration of Renewable and Alterative solutions

2 Our aim is to provide integrated services so as to take advantage of design optimisation at every stage there by ensuring a high performance building at no extra cost.

3 Our design process uses advanced computer simulation and optimization software as techniques to formulate a design problem and generate an optimum solution.

4Our Green Value Engineering is based on
• Integrating passive design solutions with MEP design

•Integrating low energy solutions into MEP engineering

5This iterative performance optimization uses (and requires) a responsive approach to design that anticipates design modification

6 We bring real world commissioning experience into our design. Ensuring buildings perform as expected.

Future Proofing Building Design through Green Value Engineering

We believe that sustainable design helps in:
a. Reducing Risk – both tangible and intangible
b. Future proof building design – by considering tomorrow today strategically, so as to able to adapt to both foreseeable and unforeseeable market changes
•   Protects future Asset Value
•   Staying ahead of Legislation
•   Increasing competitiveness by strategically managing climate change related costs.
•   Reducing your Annual Operating Costs

Through Green Value Engineering and optimising design. We believe green buildings should not cost any extra to construct.

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